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  1. kkirtley says:

    Below is an article from the New York Times showing the continued relevance of the film.

    WORLD | September 21, 2010
    Afghan Boys Are Prized, So Girls Live the Part
    Under pressure to have sons, some families dress their girls as boys.

  2. Andrew Laske says:

    The movie Osama was very powerful because it depicted how horrible life was for women in Afghanistan. I was very shocked how the Taliban hosed down all of the widows who were protesting. It is very shocking how the girl had to pretend to be a boy just to get a job to get money to support her mother and grandmother. I was shocked the most at the end how the old Muslim priest married Osama and asked her what lock she wanted to be locked up with. I couldn’t believe how the Muslim Priest thought he was a good and holy man by having three wives and legally raping a twelve year old girl that he married. The whole movie was shocking because it shows how women without any men to help them are basically left to die. Women couldn’t get work and had no one to support them. They couldn’t go outside or they would be arrested by the Taliban. The movie Osama made me realize just how bad the situation over in Afghanistan was and made me realize that the world is an evil place.

  3. Mari Aucapina says:

    I was deeply affected by the outcome of the movie Osama. The protagonist, Osama is an amazing character who I truly admire due to her strong actions and conflicts she went through. I was speechless when the movie ended because I just couldn’t believe the horrors she was going through. For instance, when Osama was caught taking the place of a male, she was condemned to death. However, the guy who was one of the religious leaders desired to marry Osama at a young age. This was devastating to her because like her I also felt her pain on how she didn’t want to marry the old guy. Not only this occasion but, I also saw how the movie showed the horrors of these women especially the sacrifices they had to make all because of the Taliban. I believe that it wasn’t fair for this innocent child because she’s only a girl where she should be a kid not be a grown up. Today kids are kids and are living like kids not in a world of suffer. Thus, this movie made me feel emotional in some parts and I really got to see the ways they were living in Afghanistan under the Taliban. As a result, by watching this movie it made me see how many people are living around us under poor conditions, mean while here in America we are having a good life. We are sometimes selfish and don’t even think about the conditions that our brother and sisters are living in. We are all sons and daughters of one God and should help one another and this movie makes us think of one another.

  4. Taylor Schmidt says:

    The film Osama, inspired me to learn more about the Taliban. It taught me about the various restrictions women in Afghanistan had to live under. One of the first scenes of Osama is women protesting for rights to be able to work and being . It was difficult for families to survive since, the men of the families were most likely dead because of the many wars the country had fought. Women were forbidden to travel outside their homes without a male escort. It was shown in the hospital scene, that women were not allowed to talk to the Taliban or any men. In one of the scenes when the young girl and her mother are riding on the man’s bicycle, the Taliban stops them for the mother showing her feet. They feared that it might “arouse” other men. The film taught me more about the Taliban and it opened my eyes to the struggles that women were going through in Afghanistan.

  5. Barsha Bajracharya says:

    Osama was one of those movies that leave you to think. I thought Osama was really brave. Even though she did not have much choice, she still did her best to support her family. The movie showed how hard life was under the Taliban. The scene that effected me the most was the beginning of the movie where the widows were protesting. They could not support their family, because they could not work. The movie made me more aware of the Taliban and their influence. Before watching the movie I did not think much about the Taliban. After watching the movie I was more curious as to what else the Taliban did in Afghanistan.

  6. This movie provides the viewers the evils and violence which the Taliban brings to the land they conquer. Osama was one of the many young girls in Afghanistan that are affected deeply. Her family was unable to prosper economically because they had no male in the house to work and bring food to their table. As of a result, Osama disguised herself into a man to be able to work. The cutting of her was very symbolical to me. In my opinion, female’s value hair because it shows their femine side and beauty. When her hair is cut its basically showing that her femine morals were taken away from her along with her childhood.

  7. Elizabeth Forson says:

    In my Global Voices class we recently watched the movie “Osama” which was about a 12 year old girl disguised as a boy, in order to try and help her family survive. Under the Taliban law women were not allowed to leave their homes unless they had men, preferably their husbands to accompany them throughout the streets. When males died they left their family in a hapless position, as was the case of Osama because the women were not able to work thus; meaning, that they had no way of getting food and surviving. This movie gave me a clear idea of what it was like living in Afghanistan under the Taliban rule and opened my eyes to suffering that woman all over the world face. I was deeply saddened that Osama had to cut her hair because hair is symbolic of beauty to woman, and I was angered that they were unable to show their feet. Most of the laws that were in place under the Taliban were unjust and deprived women of their rights, and its sad that they had to live this way.

  8. Sandra Dutan says:

    The movie Osama was one of the first movies to be seen in my Global Voices class. This movie the ending shocked me as well. Because it had no ending this showed a huge role it showed that this cycle is not stopped this story goes on. That this kind of stuff happens to many others till to this day it happens in the foregin countries. I had no real idea or did not actually know what the Taliban did. Yea I heard the term before and it was said that it was bad and not good. But through the film I saw that it was way more than that the conditions were horrible women would not do anything. They had to be dependent on men all the time. Every part of their skin could no be shown whatso ever. They had to walk the streets with men or else they were not allowed to go out in the streets. I would not be able to tolerate living in these conditions.

  9. Ledia Gjoka says:

    The movie “Osama” is about a young girl having to masquerade as a boy in order for her family to survive the extremist rule of the Taliban. Watching the movie opened eyes to see the conditions other have to live in, like in this village in Afghanistan where women must be escorted by men, most likely husbands, at all times to avoid being arrested by the Taliban. It is shocking to see that there were so many widows in the village and the Taliban kept this rule, dooming them all to starve to death because they were not allowed to work. Osama was very brave because she took a huge risk by masquerading herself as a boy, and doing so, breaking the law. The scene where Osama’s grandmother cuts her hair is very sad, especially since to little girls, their hair is a symbol of beauty and feminism, and for that to be gone is like taking away their feminism and in Osama’s case, her childhood. Another dramatic scene is when Osama’s “husband” is asking her which chain of locks she likes better, it is sadistic and horrid. Through this scene and the very last scene, it is implied that Osama has been raped, therefore taking her childhood and her hope away.

  10. Danja Xhaxhi says:

    “Osama,” mainly focuses on the plights faced by a young Afghani girl and her family. Living under the suppressive rule of the Taliban, women were persecuted and denied their unalienable rights. They were not allowed to go anywhere, unless they were escorted by a male. This was difficult struggle, because most of the country’s men had died in civil wars. As a result, many women starved, because they were unable to go to work and supply for their families. Osama’s mother was faced this struggle. She had lost her husband, brother and father in previous civil wars, and was unable to find a male to escort her to and from work, every day. Being left with no choice, Osama’s grandmother suggests that they masquerade Osama as a boy. And so she cuts her long, beautiful black hair, so that she could masquerade being a boy and protect her from being caught. This scene was very sad, because Osama’s hair represented beauty and feminism. Osama places a lock of her hair in a pot, hoping that her lost femininity can grow. Her hair is also a symbol of her lost childhood.
    The saddest part in the movie is when Osama is caught, and married off to an old priest. She is forced to live with his former wives. Out of all of them she is the youngest one, having no one to relate or talk to. I cannot imagine how hard it must have been for her to be disconnected from her family. I am thankful to be living in America, because I know I am safe and free to express myself without worrying about putting my life in danger.

  11. Kasia Kraszewska says:

    The movie “Osama” left me speechless and astonished. Before seeing the movie, I never knew just how horrible the lives of women are in Afghanistan. Osama, the girl who is the main character in the movie, faces many difficulties throughout the film. She has to get her hair cut off, so that she can look like a boy, and find a job to support her family. Eventually, her secret is uncovered, and she has to pay a price for her offense. She is forced to marry an old man, who rapes her. This movie inspired me to research more about the Taliban and the lives of women and children is Afghanistan. What was the scariest thing about this movie is that this is a documentary, which means that it depicts what actually happens. This movie showed me that there are people in this world who have it so bad that my so called problems don’t even compare.

  12. Poppy W says:

    The movie ‘Osama’ made me really understand what life is like for girls my age in Afghanistan. The movie opened with quite a brutal scene, the women were practically being drowned to death by the Taliban. As the movie progressed I found myself feeling sick to my stomach at some of the gender discrimination, some of the rules were ridiculous and unnecessary, for example, the mother was on the back of the bike and was showing the tiniest bit of ankle, She got abused and yelled at by the Taliban for simple action like that. By the end scene I felt very uneasy and uncomfortable by watching it, although it was distressing it really opened my eyes to life for Afghan girls.

  13. GraceD says:

    I thought that Osama was a very good film and very emotive but I personally didn’t enjoy it as it wasn’t the type of film that I enjoy, it wasn’t light-hearted. this being said the actors did an amazing job at connecting with the viewers and the movie was well structured and informative. I learnt and was shocked by the way afghan women are depicted in Afghanistan as less than men and unworthy of privileges that men posses, like working, education, and even just leaving the house alone. The only flaw i found in the movie was the unclear ending; wasn’t quite sure what happened at the end.

  14. Issy S says:

    This movie opened my eyes to the horrors of what the women in Afghanistan were subjected to under the rule of the Taliban. A country’s ruler should be respected and loved, however the Afghan women living under the Taliban’s power were restricted and oppressed. The Afghans were extremely frightened of the Taliban, and this fear was shown through the scene where Osama and her mother attended a neighbour’s wedding. The Taliban heard their celebration, and when they knocked on the door, the women quickly began crying and had no other option than to stop the celebration and pretend to be grieving for the loss of a man’s mother. The unfair restrictions placed onto women were horrendous, and this film gave me a clear insight onto the struggle of women living under the Taliban’s rule.

  15. Sophia C says:

    The movie “Osama” scarred me with a different view on my life in Australia, and just how lucky I am to be living with my whole family. It left me with a deep understand on the discrimination against women in the Afghan culture, and the hardship they must go through to live a day of their lives.

    When Osama and her mother are left with no male relatives, they are left without a source of income and no way to travel throughout their small town. The whole movie, I was faced with horrific treatment of women and I was speechless as to why Osama and her family felt the need to dress her up as a boy, in order to receive an income and simply survive for as long as possible. Throughout the movie, I was expected to be greeted by a happy ending where she was reunited with her mother and lived happily ever after, but the harsh reality of the dreadful situation was instead shown, where Osama was married off to a man, probably triple her age. Osama’s life is the reality of many women’s today, and it made me realize just how lucky I am.

  16. Bella D says:

    The movie ‘Osama’ really touched my heart and made me think about how truly lucky I am! I feel as though the actors in this movie really portrayed their characters well, and I just can’t believe what the Taliban is capable of. Gender discrimination was one of the main themes in this film and it demonstrated the segregation between men and women in Afghanistan. In the movie, the only way which Osama’s family can get an income is if she disguises as a boy to receive some work. The first time when Osama and her mother walk outside together when Osama is dressed as a boy is when you can see the true fear upon her face. The consequence of pretending to be a boy would most likely be the death penalty, but the risk must be taken because otherwise they’ll surely starve to death. I really loved this movie and am so glad I got to watch it and realize that my problems are so small compared to those who live under the influence of the Taliban.

  17. Annabel R says:

    After watching the movie Osama, I have learnt so much about how mistreated the women in the Afghan culture are, they have no rights and no say. I was appalled at the rules at which these women had to follow, they were’t even allowed to earn money to feed themselves or their families and they could not leave the house without a male to escort them. Since so many of the men in the town this movie was set in had been lost in Civil Wars, widows and their families were left to starve since they were not allowed to earn an income. Osama’s family are left with no choice, they are dying and they needed to earn money so they decide to cut Osama’s hair and turn her into a boy. However Osama’s identity is soon discovered and she is punished for lying about her identity, she is sent to marry an old man who already has three wives. I was shocked at this punishment and the worst part is that this happens in real life. After seeing this movie I am now truly grateful for the life I have, I don’t have to worry about starving and I have the right for an education.

  18. Tessa B says:

    The film Osama directed by Siddiq Barmak was informing, moving emotionally and most of all alarming. I was unaware of the scale of gender discrimination that was happening in Afghanistan during the time of the Taliban rule even after reading many books on the Taliban and having an interest in Afghanistan’s history. I felt that this movie was hands down completely honest and truth telling where others are not and that is why I enjoyed it so much.

    • Kaylan says:

      quin – this small selection of photos are just amazing, we cannot wait to see the re30&#82st; both you and leanne added to what what was a fabulous day and have captured some stunning photos which I am sure the entire family will cherish forever!! thank you! (p.s. photos and your website music = many tears of happiness!) Colin & Quin xAugust 8, 2011 – 1:11 pm

  19. Caroline says:

    Osama was set to teach and touch many viewers in the hardships of women’s daily life in which they face everyday. the Taliban was the main focus of force and power and what they would do to women was horrible to watch and to even think about. Afghanistan is a very poor country and that is displayed throughout the film. this pushes the people of Afghanistan to desperation (especially the women). Afghanistan is male dominated with gender discrimination all the time. women aren’t equal to men, and when they tried to voice their opinions to explain their rights they were punished, death being the most likely outcome. Osama was a perfect example, she was forced to dress up like a boy to support her family, but after being found out she then was spared from death. but she was sent against her will to marry a man nearly five times her age, raped on er wedding night adn locked away. overall this movie definitely displayed a better understanding of how women are poorly treated from as little as 12 years old.

    • Geri says:

      Coaguntrlations on your 100th episode! I’m very glad you’re still at it–thank you. I think you did a brilliant job with your theme music, too. I always listen to the very end of each episode just because I love the music.

  20. Niamh C says:

    I quite liked this film because it was informant of a very dangerous group of people, the Taliban, and how this group used rules to affect people’s lives. I was also connected emotionally to the film as the clever usage of sound devices, especially the clanging noise, interrupted me into a feeling of uncomfort. I loved the visual effects throughout he film and the music that accompanied the plot. The plot of the film was great although I dislike the ending because it left me with so many questions and I though it was horrible for something like that to happen. Especially to a twelve year old girl.

  21. Sabine A says:

    ‘Osama’ is a fantastic movie but is extremely emotional. It is very educational on how the Taliban treated women and destroyed so many lives. The movie takes us on a journey of one of the many women that were affected by the Taliban. We see her suffer as she goes through so many obstacles.
    I was horrified to see that the Taliban hosed down the women when they caught them protesting. Women were treated like animals and deprived of so many basic rights, like leaving your home alone, education, a job, etc. If any women wanted to leave their home they had to be with a male relative. It shocked me to see that to earn any income the mother had to cut Osama’s hair and disguise her as a boy and when she was found she was forced to marry a old Muslim and live with him and his several wives in a room that she was locked up in.
    It’s confronting to think that people are still being treated this way while so many people live privileged lives and take most of the things that these unfortunate people are deprived of for granted.

  22. zara says:

    The movie “Osama” is very eye opening. Before watching the movie i knew very little about the Taliban and this film gave me a thorough insight into the lives of girls in Afghanistan living under the Taliban. A young, 12 year old girl, is forced to live as a boy and change her name to Osama to support her family and protect herself from the Taliban. Unfortunatley, her secret is uncovered and she is married off to an old man and she is used as a sex slave. Wat i found so fascinating was how the lifestyle of a young girl, similar age to me was so extreme and lived a very differnt lifestyle. this film is very inspirational and from wathcing it I would love to know more about the taliban and its impact today.

  23. Zoe says:

    “Osama” was a movie that left me wondering about the world around me. This poor innocent girl was left with basically two options for her and her family, either pretend to be a boy and get a job, or ultimately die. Shocked that there was nowhere for this poor girl to go it occurred to me this film was based on a true story. Girls were treated and to some lengths still are treated unjustly by the Taliban’s strict and gender discriminate laws. This movies truely left me speechless.

  24. Katie says:

    The movie Osama is a movie which gives a deep insight into the life of women in Afghanistan at the time when the Taliban were in power. It shows us how women were treated terribly and were thought of as a lower class to men. In the movie there is a constant struggle for Osama as she disguises herself as a boy to provide income for her family. She is petrified throughout the movie especially when she is found out. Once she is found out she is married off to an old man who treats her horribly. This movie highlights many key issues about gender inequality.

  25. Holly says:

    The movie ‘Osama’ is a movie that you have to be willing to watch. The movie also makes you think and wonder about Afghanistan and the Taliban. This movie is about a girl having to dress up as a boy in order to keep her family from dying of starvation. Since women weren’t allowed to leave their home without the accompaniment of a man relative, they couldn’t get food for their family. If women left the house alone, they were killed. This girl was given the name Osama when she dressed up as a boy. ‘Osama’ had to work and get food for her family so they could survive. When watching the film, you become more grateful of the life you have today and the respect that you get. In my perspective, I found the movie extremely interesting with what the Taliban would do, however it became very intense at some stages.

  26. Tara says:

    The movie Osama really gave me an insight on how life in Afghanistan is for women in particular. They go through struggles everyday and have to make huge sacrifices for the greater good of their life. For example in the movie when Osama and her mum had to lie to the Taliban about being related to a man taking them home one time. It goes to show how poorly women are treated and how they have no equal rights and any freedom. Osama has an inspiring personality as demonstrated throughout the film. She represents multiple qualities for example bravery and courage to stop the Taliban from discovering the truth. Osama showed positiveness and accepted the fact she had to be married off to another man which I personally thought was an outstanding and brave.

  27. Olivia J says:

    Osama is a highly educational movie that opened my eyes to the horrible life in which the woman in Afghanistan had to live while under the ruling of the Taliban. What I found most interesting was how strict the culture is and the amount of rules that had to be followed in order to live and survive. I was surprised by how most woman were willing to sacrifice their life in order to have woman equality and so they would be able to work. They didn’t care about the point of being killed or imprisoned because of protesting against the Taliban. The woman were sick of being discriminated against and not being independent. I love how this story doesn’t just show the life of which Osama had to live, having to be a boy to keep their family afloat and alive, but also shows the life of the other woman around her. Especially at the end when she is taken to an old mans home to live and become his wife.

  28. Sunny says:

    The film ‘Osama’ is a truly terrifying film as it shows you an insight into the lives of those in Afghanistan affected by the power of the Taliban.The scene of the movie i found most horrific is the scene at the very beginning with all the widows protesting in the streets about how they should have the right to work (which they should), the Taliban then show up and hose them all down to get them off the street. some of these women are captured and put in prison. This film was very interesting as it taught me who the Taliban are and what they do. Before watching this film i knew close to nothing about them but i found out things that were really eye opening and made me realize how lucky i am to live the life i have today because there are people out there suffering.

  29. Alexandra Duncan says:

    I found this movie to be extremely confronting and eye-opening. I feel that I learnt a lot about the Afghan culture and how terrible the Taliban rulings were especially for the women who were discriminated against greatly. The film made me feel very grateful for the life I have.

  30. Georgia H says:

    I became intrigued when viewing this movie. Looking back, I would say that I did not like it. The film made me feel bad. I couldn’t believe women had to suffer in such horrible ways. I wanted to help in any way possible as I believed the restrictions towards women were extremely unjust and an example of gender discrimination. I hope the world has learnt from this. I often found scenes throughout the movie hard to watch. It is hard to believe that the Taliban continue to live on today. Also, I find it difficult to imagine living like this and it was interesting to see how other people live their lives especially from the point of view of a 12 year old girl. I have to say that I am glad to have watched it

  31. Eloise S says:

    Osama the movie is a very informative and eye opening movie about the ruling of the Taliban in 2001. This movie allows us to experience another culture and how the women are treated under the Taliban government. The movie is about Osama, a 12 year old girl who’s family disguises her as a boy so she can get of job and earn an income to support her family as women had no rights to work or leave their houses alone. It is shown at the very beginning of the movie hundreds of women were protesting for freedom for their own rights to work. The Taliban hurt, punish and jail these innocent women and children.
    The author Siddiq Barmak from the beginning makes us feel very connected and apart of the movie by using camera shots that place us into the situation, this may include the viewing of the news reporter at the beginning of the movie. The move Osama allows the audience to experience a different culture from the perspective of Osama and the community where Osama lives in under the ruling and government of the Taliban. The movie also displays gender inequality/discrimination and the loss of women’s rights.

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