For Students – Pearl

Pearl Movie Poster

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  1. kkirtley says:

    Land issues still plague many tribes in North America. Check out this article to see the Itancan (chief) of the Oglala Lakota Band of the Great Sioux Nation letter to President Obama about the Black Hills.

  2. kkirtley says:

    A recent article showing how racism and misunderstandings about Native Americans continues today.

    U.S. | September 24, 2010
    Pendleton Journal: Old West Traditions, and Tensions, at Rodeo
    The Pendleton Round-Up celebrated its centennial last weekend. One of the traditions of the event is that Indians are paid modest sums to show up in traditional dress.

    • Janay says:

      This ma#128n&7;s behavior was criminal, and his actions are just a more subtle form of gay bashing. We have libel and slander laws for a reason. Use them.

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