Filmmaking for Young Peacemakers

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“Lehman Culture” by Kimberly Cionca


Students from participating schools of our program, Global Voices Through FIlm, are encouraged to apply to I.C.E’.s Young Filmmakers program, a two semester course co-taught by Dr. Roberta Seret and representatives from New York University’s Tisch Film studies program and NYU’s Opportunity program. Students learn about the mechanics of filmmaking while expanding their knowledge of the UN’s organizational structure and mission. Their goal is to learn how to use filmmaking as a voice to better their community.

In September 2006, we created and implemented this after school program with 10 NYC inner-city 11th graders from 5 NYC public high schools. The 10 students came to the UN twice a week to learn about the UN by receiving free briefings from different UN agencies. They learned how to film from NYU Tisch interns on Saturdays and on Sundays they learned how to edit their film footage at the MNN studios. At the end of the year, in May 2007, 3 of these students received a free summer internship program with the Tribeca Film Festival Arts Summer program; 3 students participated in a media training program with UNICEF; 3 students spent the summer as interns shooting in Europe and Cambodia; and one student filed for a copyright for her screen script. All 10 students were recruited by NYU Tisch, with scholarships.